It’s no longer good enough to have a product and expect people to buy it. Today people want to be inspired. They want to feel the same passion you have for your product or idea. They want to believe in your vision of the future.

Most SEO Agencies Have It Wrong!


Likes, SEO, page views, and #1 rankings are great but if those visitors aren’t turning into dollars, it doesn’t matter. The only metric that matters to us is how much revenue and profit we can drive to your business.

We’ll analyze your business, show you the areas that need improvement and create a strategy to increase your revenue. Before we get started, we’ll show you scientifically what you can expect and how much money that will make you if we take a more conservative, moderate, or aggressive approach. We’ll lay out exactly what milestones need to be hit to achieve those revenue objectives.

Are You Looking For a Measurable, Results Driven Approach
To  Increasing Your Revenue?

Search Discovery, SEO, Social Media,
and Paid Advertising

It’s not good enough anymore to just have a great product and expect people will find you. Now you need a great story. You need to create an experience that immerses a consumer in your brand, mission, or cause.

Consumers are looking to be inspired. They want to feel the same passion you have for your product or idea. They want to buy in to your vision of the future.

That’s where we come in. Engage the Crowd is made up of some of the foremost influencers, personalities, and growth experts that get behind causes, ideas, and products we believe in and take them to the masses. Causes we’re passionate about. Ideas that make a difference. And products that improve lives and make the world a better place.

Web Design And Conversion Optimization

We design websites to sell. Before we even bring designers into a project, we have our conversion analysts crunch the numbers, analyze the business, conduct user research, and turn their insights into wireframes. These wireframes determine the layout, structure, and messaging.

Only now do the designers come in and make the site look awesome by coming up with ways to delight the users. Bear in mind, in our case even the designers are trained in conversion optimization. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Uniting Influencers to Change

The World

Shoppers are looking for information that helps them make better purchasing decisions. Marketers are looking for more effective and measurable ways to drive brand awareness and sales.

At Engage the Crowd we have several publishing platforms and are partnered with many of the top influencers and personalities online who are ready to take your message and broadcast it to millions.

The trusted voice of an influencer has the power to persuade millions of people and can be the exposure your campaign needs to get it in front of the decision makers.

Communities We're Helping To Make An Impact In

We’re always striving to be at the center of the heart and sole of a city. To work with the people making a difference. Whether it’s a charity improving the lives of everyone they touch or an entrepreneur looking to create the future. Engage the Crowd believes that individually we can change an industry, but together we can change the world. Therefore, we’re constantly expanding our reach to ensure we always have the most brilliant people on our team and are able to continue helping as many businesses grow as possible. Minneapolis will always be our home, but we’ve expanded into 14 different cities to continue growing the Engage the Crowd family.

Brands We Work With

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