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5 Outstanding Places To Get Local SEO Backlinks

5 Outstanding Places To Get Local SEO Backlinks

An important part of any search engine optimization (SEO) campaign is building reputable, relevant backlinks to your website. When you’re optimizing for a small business, local SEO is particularly important, and that means you need to find links with a local connection. I’ve discussed this issue before, but it bears some further attention. There are still a lot of business owners trying to do local SEO who haven’t grasped that there’s a definite difference between high-quality local linkage and less effective links.

I’ve seen all too many business owners entrust their websites to SEO consultants who promise to deliver local links. The optimization specialists produce links of a sort, but if those links are redolent of spam and manipulation, the long-term results can be negative rather than positive.

Many business owners over-prioritize price when choosing between SEO firms. One company wants $500 a month while another wants $2,000 a month: The odds are there are more differences separating these two offers than $1,500. Building quality local links requires a certain level of engagement and talent, and that costs more than bargain-basement SEO work.

Fortunately, you can take some steps on your own to encourage outstanding backlinks. Even if you’re working with a very tight budget, you can still take steps to encourage the right kind of local backlinks. Your ideal candidates share some fundamental qualities:

* Good links should enhance your company’s reputation — you want to concentrate on gathering links from sources you’re proud to be connected to.
* Good backlinks actually show up in front of potential customers, driving useful traffic to your site.
* Good links have strong search engine metrics, boosting your site’s authority.

In your quest to secure local backlinks that will help your business’s website rather than hinder it, pay attention to the five possibilities described below. Considering how important link quality is in the algorithm Google uses to rank search results, securing links from these sources can have a huge impact on your site’s standing:

1. The Better Business Bureau

Any business can secure a useful link from the local chapter of the BBB. You do have to jump through a hoop or two, though: the BBB adds outbound links only to the member listings of businesses which are accredited BBB members. Ordinary BBB listings have no links.

Now, you’ll have to fork over an annual fee to get and retain accredited status with the BBB. I’ve had clients who have balked at the expense involved in securing this single link, but I’m pretty persuasive in describing the extra benefits that come with BBB accreditation. It’s one of the most credible links you can have, it’s highly trustworthy, and it definitely puts your business in front of customers. BBB accreditation is particularly useful for businesses that provide skilled services, such as contractors, electricians, plumbers, and landscapers. Check out your local BBB here.

2. Schools And Nonprofits In Your Community

A lot of schools engage with local businesses to bolster their funding by offering sponsorship opportunities. These days, engaging in this kind of sponsorship usually entitles you to an outbound link on the school’s website. Research the possibilities in your neighborhood and you might be amazed by the untapped link potential you discover.

Google will point you towards the schools close to your business. You can also pinpoint charities and nonprofit organizations offering similar opportunities with GuideStar. Don’t be stymied by the lack of a dedicated donor link page on a given website, either. A modest donation and a polite request can often work wonders.

3. Local Media Outlets

There’s practically no limit to the number of ways you can engage with your local media providers to increase your visibility and gain excellent backlinks. Say your business is in the field of water damage restoration, and your local nightly news runs a story on a major flood in your area. What would happen if you contacted the news station immediately and offered to share your expertise with them via providing content they can use on their site?

This kind of quick thinking can help you scoop up multiple links with plenty of optimization power. You’ll also get a nice advertising boost and enhance your reputation as an expert in your industry. You needn’t become a local news junkie to make this strategy work; just keep tabs on your local media websites to follow along with trending stories.

You can try to pursue this avenue even without the benefit of timely news. Local media providers are more content-starved than ever, especially when it comes to filling their websites. Offering up a piece of compelling content may be all it takes to earn a slot on a local media site.

4. Business Partners

When I’m doing optimization work for a small business, one of the first things I want to see is a full list of the local companies that work with it. If my client is a restaurant, for instance, I’ll usually get a list full of butchers, produce companies, and restaurant supply houses. Because the relationship between suppliers and your company is usually very well-established and highly trustworthy, a request for a backlink is easy to make. Simply asking to be noted on their website as a preferred buyer in good standing can get the job done.

Suppliers and local business partners can help you no matter what your business is. Offer up testimonials or other forms of attractive content to convince your suppliers to send some linkage your way. This becomes a true quid-pro-quo relationship because your content is often just as valuable to your suppliers as their links are to you.

5. Contests And Awards

In every community there’s typically a well-established infrastructure dedicated to highlighting outstanding local businesses. Annual awards or one-off contests may be organized through newspapers, magazines, news channels, or websites with a local focus. No matter who supervises the contest, you can almost certainly count on a nice backlink if you secure an award.

In a lot of cases local business owners are allowed to nominate themselves. Go on a spree looking for local contests and enter your business in every appropriate “best of” category. If you’re already engaged in social media marketing, you can turn to your followers for help to gather votes in contests based on public opinion.

Securing good backlinks is one of the trickiest parts of local SEO work, but it’s far from impossible. The ideas I’ve shared with you here all have a lot of potential. I hope you are enjoying my blog enjoyable and find the seo advice helpful!