7 Scams Minneapolis SEO Companies Will Try To Sell You -
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7 Scams Minneapolis SEO Companies Will Try To Sell You

7 Scams Minneapolis SEO Companies Will Try To Sell You

If you are looking for a reputable Minneapolis SEO company, avoiding these common scams will help you make an informed decision for your business and prevent problems with your website in the future:

1) They Will Submit Your Site To Search Engines

This is one of the biggest scams you will encounter because you do not need to submit your website any search engine. Each search engine has its own crawls that index new websites. Once your website is crawled, it will be indexed on Google and all other search engines. Never pay for someone to do this, it will happen automatically.

2) They Guarantee A Number One Rank In Google

No person or company can guarantee you a number one ranking in any search engine. An SEO expert has no control over where a website ranks in the search engine results page (SERP). A highly qualified and reputable SEO agency will use various strategies to help boost your rankings. Of course, the goal is to reach the number one position for the targeted keyword. However, promising a number one ranking is unethical, unfair and impossible.

It is ethical for a Minneapolis SEO company to make projections about how highly your website will rank based on a number of factors. The SEO agency might estimate that your site will reach the first page of Google within a certain period, typically months. This projection is based on their experience working within the industry, the competition for the keywords chosen, and the status of your website.

A projection is not the same as a guarantee. It is an estimate based on a professional assessment of your website, current data and many hours of research and experience in the field.

3) They Will Increase Your Page Rank

Do not fall for this outdated scam. Google no longer updates page rank (PR) and it has been irrelevant for at least two years. Furthermore, the PR of your page has no impact on how well your website ranks on Google.

4) Their SEO Services Are A Bargain

Just as you would not look for bargain basement prices for a necessary or elective surgery, you should not be persuaded by bargain prices for SEO services. You want a competent and reputable SEO agency because it is important for your business and can have a significant impact on the public’s perception of your business. True SEO professionals do not come at bargain prices because you are paying for their expertise and their ability to produce excellent products.

Realistically, why would you want the cheapest SEO service to work on your business? You likely spent numerous hours on improving the success of your business. Furthermore, in addition to the time investment, you may have invested money in your business. Therefore, it makes little sense to trust your business with an inexpensive novice, especially when SEO is one of the most complex marketing strategies available.

Placing your business in the wrong hands not only increases your risk of losing money because you are working with someone who lacks experience, but your site may also be penalized by Google due to low-quality work or black-hat techniques. Lazy, inexperienced and/or scamming SEO companies often use black-hat techniques because they only think short-term. However, it will not be long after you have paid them that your site is deindexed or banned by Google.

In general, price equals value. If a company is charging a low price, you should expect to receive low-value work in return. Conversely, a higher, more realistic price is typical of higher value work. Any high-quality SEO company would never offer their services for pennies because they are aware of the necessary and prized skills they can offer their clients. For a clearer understanding of what a high quality, reputable SEO companies will charge for their services, view this infographic.

5) They Know Someone Who Works At Google

This is a classic approach by a swindler. First, they probably do not know anyone who works at Google. Furthermore, even if they did know someone who works at Google, it would not matter. Google employees have no more power than anyone else to change or manipulate algorithms that rank your site.

6) They Cannot Tell You Their Secret To Ranking

A reputable Minneapolis SEO company will not cloud their approach in secrecy. They will tell you their approach to ranking your website and show you any reports on the work they have performed. Never trust a company with shady business practices, because they are likely using tactics that will cause problems for your business.

7) They Are The Best, But Cannot Prove Their Results

The world and especially the internet are filled with self-proclaimed SEO gurus. They will use highly technical terms to confuse the average business owner, but have no genuine experience with SEO and cannot show you any real results. If these gurus are not telling you about conversions and your return on investment (ROI), head in the other direction.

The use of SEO as a marketing strategy for your business is an important decision and should not be treated casually. After reading the previous information, you should have the knowledge to avoid some of the common scams and costly mistakes. You will be on your way to making an educated decision for your business.

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