How to Change a Title tag in Wordpress - Simple step by step
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Modifying Page Titles in WordPress CMS

Modifying Page Titles in WordPress CMS

Modifying title tags to be more seo friendly are important, in my opinion and backed by several of my own tests. Title tags are still of the top 2 most important factors of getting a webpage to rank for the correct keyword being second to your domain name.

So choosing the correct title tag is important and should be tested for optimal rankings and click through rates, same as your meta descriptions (which aren’t generally a ranking factor directly but indirectly).  In this short tutorial, we will walk you through the basic setups of modify those tags.

How to Change a Title tag in WordPress

1. Login to WordPress admin

This is done by typing your website address in the browser ie. (might be different if you have modified this to a different address).

2. Find the correct post or page

There are a few different places that change title tags depending on your plugin choices already.  I recommend Yoast or All in one SEO plugin making this easy to do. As the default WordPress install keeps the title matching the name of the post and therefore you can’t have a different Title Tag from Post Name.

3. Click on Edit


** Quick Edit Option **

When you find the page or post you want to modify,  you can hover over the name of the title and a drop down will show up. There will something like  (Edit | Quick Edit | Trash | Preview | Clone | New Draft). Newer versions of WordPress you can modify it with quick edit as well.

4. Find Title Tag  Section

On default installations, the name of the post will only change the title tag, if you are using Yoast you can scroll to the after the content in and see a section called SEO Title. edittag

5. Replace Title

Now, you can change the title to whatever you want. Using a plugin like Yoast will let you choose whether your site name will be displayed after the new name of your title.

6. Hit Publish

Go back up to the top of your page/post and hit the publish to save the changes.hitpublish

7. Click on Permalink

Easiest way to view the post, is by clicking on the permalink to open a new window to display website url modified.


8. Verify New Title

Simply by hovering over the tab open in your browser will prompt a small popup displaying the title tag of the page and voila you are done. hoverovertab

That’s it, changing the titles in WordPress are quick and easy once you are familiar with the CMS, it can be difficult if it’s your first time. Hang in there!



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