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Facebook Creates Call-to-Action Buttons to Help Business Pages

Facebook Creates Call-to-Action Buttons to Help Business Pages

Only a day later and Facebook has announced another host of useful tools for business pages.

Facebook recently announced new tools and Insights as well as organic post targeting and today delivered a group of call-to-action buttons. These call-to-action buttons will link to any destination on or off Facebook to bring business’ objectives to the front of their Facebook presence.

A total of seven calls to action have been made available:

  • Book Now: Restaurant reservations, hotel rooms, or laser tag parties will all be able to be booked using this button


  • Use App: mobile friendly button that will be able to launch your companies app


  • Watch Video: Have a great video you want to be seen, this button will get it done!


  • Play Game: Link to your latest game application


  • Show Now: Have an e-commerce store? Then this button is for you!


  • Sign Up: Mailing list sign-up sheet, upcoming webinars, whatever your business has to offer you can link here


  • Contact Us: Link to your contact form, business address, email or even phone number if you want

Facebook tested these call-to-action buttons and found they delivered a 2.5x higher conversion rate when compared to comparable social placements aimed at acquiring new users.

The US will be have the first crack at using these feature packed buttons followed by a worldwide roll out next year.

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