Facebook Introduces New Tools and Insights Including Organic Post Targeting -
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Facebook Introduces New Tools and Insights Including Organic Post Targeting

Facebook Introduces New Tools and Insights Including Organic Post Targeting

Facebook announced recently that they introduced new tools, more resources and communication channels for media publishers, as well as improvements to Insights.

Interest Targeting

Facebook now offers the ability to target posts to a subset of people that like your page. This acts similar to target ads and has been extended to organic posts. Now you can post a sports story and only those with matching interests will see the story and those who don’t will not see a post they don’t want to see.

Post End Date

No one wants to see expired sales posts or posts no longer relevant so Facebook now allows you to set an expiration date for when your posts will be seen in people’s news feeds. The post will remain on your page however so your content is unaffected.

Interest targeting and post end date features are currently available to all pages that have enabled the targeting and privacy setting, but remains only accessible on desktop so don’t bother trying to go mobile just yet with it.

Smart Publishing

Although this feature is only available to a select number of media organizations it may be the most time saving. Instead of scouring Facebook to decide what stories will resonate the most with your audience Smart Publishing will automatically display the most frequently shared links to your website in the News Feeds of people who like your page. Hopefully this feature becomes broadly available soon as it will be interesting to see the analytics and usefulness.

Improvements to Insight

With improvements to Insight you will now be able to see how pages and social plugins are driving traffic to websites with actionable and accurate analytics. With a more intuitive interface, data segments for specific time ranges and a TOP URLs section, this will allow better content optimization and better performing Facebook content.

Third-party analytic tools have gotten a break, although only for iOS, as well as a bug was recently fixed that had caused percentages of organic traffic from Facebook to be undercounted. This will show as an increase in iOS mobile traffic and less undefined sources or direct traffic. The fix for Android is in the works.

You can access these new features from your Domain Insights dashboard.

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