The Future of Social Media: Key Points from a Q&A with Mark Zuckerberg -
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The Future of Social Media: Key Points from a Q&A with Mark Zuckerberg

The Future of Social Media: Key Points from a Q&A with Mark Zuckerberg

Who better to weigh in on the future of social media than the CEO of the largest social media site on the web and t-shirt aficionado Mark Zuckerberg.

While in Columbia to announce his work with, which will provide free basic internet including health care, government and job searches to Colombians, Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook, was asked where he saw Facebook in 10 years.

He took this opportunity to discuss how he sees the future of social media in three ways. His first prediction, there will be a lot more people on the internet. This is not exactly a brazen prediction but speaks to the work he is doing with and his hope to expand the project into other countries.

He then begins to speak on the methods and tools we use to communicate, mentioning SMS and picture messaging becoming the primary form of communication over other forms of web based communication. This, again, is not hard to see considering the millions of users sending photos through Snapchat and messages via WhatsApp and he recognizes this competition to Facebook as a growing market.

Zuckerberg explains, “The diversity of the ways in which people want to share, the moments that people want to communicate, and the tools that people need to stay connected are going to keep growing,”.

Augmented reality is Zuckerbergs third prediction recognizing and poking fun of Google Glass he explains how he sees communication in 10 to 15 years.

“I think it’s pretty easy to imagine that in the future we will have something that we can either wear — and it’ll look like normal glasses (so it won’t look weird like some of the stuff that exists today). And you’ll just be able to have context with what’s going on around you in the world and communicate with people and not have to disrupt your conversations by looking down.”

Zuckerberg has proven in the past to be a proponent of augmented reality as he valued Oculus at $2 billion when the virtual reality company was bought by Facebook.

Watch the entire town hall Q&A here to hear more about and what Zuckerberg sees for the future of social media.

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