Google Bringing the E-Commerce Battle to Amazon -
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Google Bringing the E-Commerce Battle to Amazon

Google Bringing the E-Commerce Battle to Amazon

Google and Amazon have been battling for shares in different marketplaces since the dawn of time. Now the Wall Street Journal has reported, on data from the research firm Forrester, that indicated in the previous quarter 39 percent of shoppers in the United States began a product search on Amazon and only 11 percent started their search on search engines such as Google.

Google doesn’t like being second place in anything so the next logical move for them is the introduction of a “Buy it Now” button on their search pages. This would be directly embedded into the search results page allowing customers to create a shopping cart and check out with the orders likely being filled through third party retailers.

On top of the search engine shopping experience Google as intends to offer a subscription service for free two-day shipping through select retailers. Sounds quite similar to something called Amazon Prime.

There have been no indicated release dates of when these features may be rolled out but there are some glaring questions that immediately come to mind.

With Google intending to compete with Amazon will search results linking to Amazon be down ranked in the results page? Google is within its rights to do so and they could also offer third party retailers that partner with them a bump up in the SERPs which is a huge perk for many out there in the crowded online marketplace.

Whether Google moves forwards with these plans or not Amazon is already losing ground to the likes of Alibaba. Maybe a partnership between Google and Alibaba could be the next move? Stay tuned.

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