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How To use Geo Location Data For Images Within Google My Business

How To use Geo Location Data For Images Within Google My Business

Yes, there are “hacks for local seo and mobile search” but, those are really best practices. If you have been following EngageTheCrowd‘s blog for some time then you know that consistency and working on the basics are necessary as building blocks to a solid ranking strategy. We recommend publishing the majority of your content via your own blog and website, as that is a platform you can control. If your whole business model is built off Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads, and then suddenly they change their Terms Of Service for ads… you could lose all your traffic… JUST LIKE THAT.

If you don’t have a content marketing strategy then you really need to develop one. It can be via your blog, social media, whatever you want but you need to produce something that will be worth people and  website owners, referring back to your content in the form of links or social shares. Otherwise you might as well do a rain dance and hope for the rankings to increase from there.  Speaking of rankings….


Going No-Where In Google Maps?


Ok, so you are reading this article to learn how to rank your own business higher within the Google Map section right? Well, since Google has been adopting a “blended algorithm” which means that the Organic Rankings and the Map Rankings tend to coincide, you need to be actively working on both your Organic Rankings and your Map Techniques.

The Blended Algorithm

The older “disjoint algorithm” of years back (which in some niches you can still see businesses ranking in Google Maps without an Organics listing on the first page, but those niches are more isolated and typically based on lower competition) has given way to ranking “brands or entities”. Those brands have developed their trust rank in Google and have built on some level a semantic profile.

Google’s Organic rankings are still based on delivering the most related answer to a question people ask. They are still a digital librarian- granted a ridiculously wealthy one (look at all those PPC ads) but their organic listings must render relevant answers or else over time Google, would lose market share to Bing, Yahoo or to more niche specific search engines like Yelp, and Foursquare.

Alright enough history on the algo and the relationship that the Maps and Organic Listings have currently. Let’s talk about how to get Ninja with your Google Maps Listings for that extra relevance. We know that Google loves to show the most relevant “entity” or business for the query. So, these PRO TIPS On geo-location for images inside GMB will help provide more relevance for your business or client’s business.

Are Your Map Rankings Dead??

First thing you have to do is Login to Google My Business. If you do not have a Google My Business Account click here to sign up for your free account.

Crush Your Google Map Rankings With Ease


Ok, so what you want to do is go into Your Google Plus Business Page. You can add photos from your GMB dashboard as well, but I like Google Plus page to add them.

Add Photos in GMB Tutorial


Next you are going to click the photos section in Google Plus.

Add photos or editing existing ones


Next you are going to choose photos of your business according to the appropriate category. The more the merrier in here truly. If you don’t have images for all the staff or interior etc, hop onto their Facebook page and download some of their pictures (get their permission of course). Exterior, Interior, Photos at work, Team Photos, Additional Photos. Do the minimum that the categories suggest of 3 each, but you want to get better results than the minimum right? Ok, so you have to prepare these photos and put them into an album for time savings, then start uploading.

How TO Use GMB for business owners for geolocation optimization



Ok so now you have uploaded a photo. It’s time to get Ninja with it. Switch from GMB dashboard to your Google Plus Page by clicking on the icon shown in the image.


Image Optimization Google Plus Tutorial


Once you are there navigate to Photos. In The Tool Bar Mid Screen.

Google MB Tips

Once you see your photos click on the Profile Photos or Business Photos. Most likely Business Photos will have more uploads. So let’s start there. Start with the first one that pops up. Over On the right side top corner of the screen should say your Google Plus Name in the top corner.

You can add text in the section Marked “Add Caption”. You Want to Grab Your Name Address and Phone Number (NAP) exactly like it is listed in your Google My Business page. Consistency is key with this, so just copy it and put it into a text document and keep it up while you are doing this. Drop the NAP in the add caption section.


You can if you want drop a link to your Google Plus Profile, or another social media link, mix it up and drop a link to your website here and there but not every time.

Next click the drop down arrow on photo details. Click on “Add A location” from the drop down. Type in your address in there and it should render a map listing. Or you can type in your business name and hit search. Boom. That’s it for the geo location piece for that picture.



Next, as the image above showed you want to Plus One (+1) that post. Then you want to hit the share arrow highlighted.  Share that post onto your Google Plus Account.


Share Your Rich Media Citations On Google Plus For Better Boosts In Google Maps


There are a couple other super level “Beverly Hills Ninja” secret squirrel methods that we use to prep the images before uploading so, if you hit us up on either account- Stephen’s Titter, Engage’s Twitter account…. maybe we will do a quick tutorial on that as well.

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