Instagram Surpasses Twitter in Monthly Active Users -
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Instagram Surpasses Twitter in Monthly Active Users

Instagram larger than twitter

Instagram Surpasses Twitter in Monthly Active Users

Instagram Hits Milestone As Social Media Scene Continues to Evolve

Powered by the almighty filter, millions of millennials are turning to Instagram to capture their beautiful journey through life. As they document their milestones (trips to Target) and conquer their dreams (selfies with Bieber) Instagram is conquering some dreams of their own.   They now boast over 300 million monthly active users, and in doing so, deliver a blow to Twitter as they pass them in this all important user engagement metric.

A Win For Facebook’s Overall Strategy

This growth rate is impressive considering that less than a year ago, Instagram had just crossed to 200MMU mark.  50% growth in 9 months is exactly what the doctor ordered when Facebook consumed Instagram.  Maybe more important is their stronghold on a generation that demands more than what Facebook has become.

With over 70 million photos and videos being shared each day, Instagram has the heart, soul and attention of their users.   Not only that, but as they continue to mature and monetize, they get to read from the playbook of previous social networks and steal pages of their missteps.

The Future Is Up For Grabs

As Instagram plows through milestones stringing on the allure of perfection, they need not get lost in their lipstick stained selfies as their unfiltered nemeses Snapchat continues to grow and evolve the personal and real journey through life.

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