Mobile Search Spend Continues To Grow; To Surpass Desktop in 2015 -
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Mobile Search Spend Continues To Grow; To Surpass Desktop in 2015

Mobile Search Increases

Mobile Search Spend Continues To Grow; To Surpass Desktop in 2015

Mobile To Surpass Desktop in Search Spend in 2015

Today, eMarketer published a report that reveled projections for mobile search spending over a total of the next four years. Mobile search spending is estimated to surpass desktop search spending as of 2015. Putting money in both organic SEO and PPC ads and also taking into consideration tablets and smartphones are some of the ways of companies search spending. These estimations are seen to be astounding especially when one considers that only a quarter of all search spending was accounted for last year.

It is, however, fascinating to note that, even though, most marketers are spending more on mobile, and they are not necessarily getting more out this kind of spending. Although it is improving, next year ROI will continue to trail desktop search when it comes to mobile search spend.

iOS Winning Mobile Search Spend

Cnet revealed that iOS traffic is slightly up while on the other hand traffic is dropping for Android.

  • Mobile web traffic on iOS devices is sedentary at a 61.4%
  • Mobile web traffic on Android devices is at 37.5%.

This difference indicates an increased acceptance of iOS devices and maybe Android users moving to iOS devices.

Though Android is the leading operating system when it comes to the market share in the United States, iOS is doing more mobile browsing. An analyst known as Gene Munster believes that this is due to Apple’s iPad. This is justified by a Kantar researcher who believes that users of the iOS operating system are much more engaged with their phones as compared to users who are using the Android operating system on their phones and this is on a daily basis. They also believe that contributions from tablets by iOS are currently greater than Android’s. These tablets are much more likely to generate more traffic as compared to a smartphone.

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