Outwit Billion-Dollar Google Businesses Using Dominant Competitive SEO Strategy -
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Outwit Billion-Dollar Google Businesses Using Dominant Competitive SEO Strategy

Outwit Billion-Dollar Google Businesses Using Dominant Competitive SEO Strategy

David, have you met Goliath yet? Or, more precisely, have you met the Goliath in your business? You know, that company that has long-held all the buying power to offer products for super cheap while garnering all the favors from wholesalers including plenty of credit and rock-bottom pricing because they can buy 1 million of everything they order for their thousands of stores around the globe?

Even worse, in the era of Internet marketing, they can buy positioning, grab likes left and right on Facebook, and have even more Twitter followers than you knew there were Twitter users. They pay premiums to hire world-renowned subject matter experts to conduct how-to videos on the company’s YouTube channel and subscribers eat it up!

You get the idea. What you do not get is how you will compete as a humble one-person startup whose electricity is either on the fritz or more likely was not paid again this month.

Slay Your Dragon Online

The power of the Internet is an equalizing one. With proper application of strategy, your small business can make moves to compete and beat billion-dollar businesses on Google’s search engine.

Maybe you have spent some money unsuccessfully on buying pay-per-click advertising for businesses before. You may notice that throwing money at a search engine does not always do much for converting into sales. Some consumers have grown leery of sidebar ads.  That’s great news for you, because even Goliath cannot pay the search engines for better results.

SEO Cleverness Outwits Big Money

Here’s how to use SEO to beat your competition with a budget-friendly strategy that is effective. It all starts by being popular, well-liked, and trusted.

Lucky for you, your business is a small but new restaurant in Tampa. You know Southerners love chicken and down home barbecue, but there’s nothing like mama’s Texas barbecue that you grew up knowing and loving. You have perfected your recipes, tried them out on friends, and started a small catering business on the side of your normal short-order cook job.

You have lots of friends and supporters in Tampa Bay who eagerly are awaiting your restaurant. They line up to try it and love it. They tell their friends how cool it is and you are in business.

You need more than just a few of your friends’ friends to stop by. The local Tampa Bay Tribune food critic makes a stop in and loves your wonderful Texas barbecue because it reminds him of his home back in the Lone Star State. Visitors to the city start trickling into your restaurant.

What does all this have to do with SEO? Well, now you get your regulars on board to create a buzz online by writing their glowing reviews of your restaurant and its food on Yelp and Google. They already love sharing pics of your food on Instagram, which is a win for you with the search engines.

People throughout the nation and other countries are pouring in, because any visitor wants to try some authentic barbecue while they are visiting United States. They crave it and you have what they want.

Now Google Loves You

Now that you have reviews from individuals on Yelp and food critics in newspapers, along with mentions on social media, it means Google has trust in your brand. Google sees this as credibility because it is deriving so many positive responses about your company from a wide variety of sources. Such a natural growth of Internet traffic, the reviews, social media postings, press, and even compelling content all boost your ranking with Google.

The Internet allows instant access to information, so it is difficult to explain to new businesses that going up in the rankings may only happen after years of building the brand. It takes more than a few months. Realistically, allow for at least 6 months to start seeing strong results.

Moz SEO software measures Domain Authority, an estimation of how well a domain stands to do in search results. Google comes in with a domain authority of 100, not surprisingly, followed by 98 by The Huffington Post. Look at your competitors and then your own site or sites to find out how you compete.

You might be surprised to see just how low big bad Goliath ranks in the domain authority. Recall that they throw money at search engines and well, that just does nothing? You, yes, you and your small business have the ability to use SEO to leave Goliath in the dust.

It is all about using your inbound marketing skills and efforts, which your barbecue joint has been doing, to successfully grow your brand from nothing to something big and impressive all on its own.

Apply Advanced Methods To Improve Site SEO

The key to building your brand is to be unrelenting. Do not rest on your laurels and take for granted what you have earned. At this point your barbecue joint is working rather smoothly and you only need to put forth a handful of hours weekly to continue seeing online growth of your restaurant brand.

Some weeks you might need 6 hours while others it might only take a few minutes a day to make the social media rounds, liking your friends and followers’ postings about your restaurant. Some weeks you might learn that enhancing your website will help grow your brand to improve your marketing efforts.

The average rule of thumb comes in at around 7 hours to 10 hours weekly to build your search engine strategy. Just keep up that measure of patience and you will be able to see your efforts through to the growth.

Regardless of your budget, you can beat Goliath at this game and overtake market share. On Moz, you will be floored at how lowly huge corporations rank among the search engines. Honestly, you can do this.

A program on Moz called Open Site Explorer shows you the links around the Internet that point to your site and your competition. This lets you see exactly where you are beating the competition, and where you could stand to make improvements.

Surely you are not the only “Tampa Bay Barbecue” place, and your competitor, whose shop is down the block holds the top ranking for that keyword string. Check the domain authority of your restaurant and then the direct competitor’s. Make a digital strategy and do an Internet site audit to determine where SEO opportunities exist.

If you could easily pass the corporate chains, then you can conquer the Barbecue Hut’s trailer. Keep focused, do your research, and take action that makes a difference for your business.

Google takes into consideration so many thousands of factors that it is impossible to guess what will be the golden key that gets ranking to increase. The best way is honest word of mouth and mentions from many different people, regions, and sources, such as a newspaper review.

A newspaper review on its own will not do a thing. Neither will a handful of people who all live next door to you. Simply earn the loyalty, commitment, dedication, love, and admiration of your customers through their stomachs.

It is not only possible but very doable to beat out the billion-dollar businesses at their own game given the power of smart and strategic SEO usage. Be persistent, patient, and make sure you have a great brand that looks good. Go the extra mile to create a restaurant that makes food people crave and talk up everywhere they go.

It is true that your small business can compete with the billion-dollar brands by first establishing credibility and building trust of people everywhere. Always work on your inbound marketing and make efforts to increase brand awareness, and you will continually earn and build more respect and trust. You can blow right past the big companies online, thanks to the help of your friends, and new foodies who praise your restaurant online by way of social media.