Relevance the Focus of LinkedIn’s Reengineered Search -
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Relevance the Focus of LinkedIn’s Reengineered Search

Relevance the Focus of LinkedIn’s Reengineered Search

LinkedIn is becoming an invaluable resource to job seekers and hiring companies alike as we continue to live our lives online. With over 330 million profiles, 3 million companies and 2 million jobs the massive amount of content has become harder to sift through finding the right fit for potential employees and employers.

LinkedIn has recognized this and dedicated resources to improve the search results to better, and faster, suit our needs.

The new search experience will save its users more than a year of cumulative search time for each day they use it bringing colleagues and industry experts together faster to change the world.

Help where you need it

Ever wondered how to spell a new colleagues name? LinkedIn knows we are not all spelling bee champions so will tailor the search results for a partial name based on connections, companies or groups that you share with the person of interest.

To Infinity and Beyond Your Connections

LinkedIn is about connecting people both within their networks and outside them to find that perfect fit for a job or company or project. You no longer have to pay for that premium membership to make these infinite connections and find exactly who you are looking for


With a user’s profile information LinkedIn can customize search results based on previous jobs and titles bringing the most relevant jobs to the top of search results. Finding that needle in a haystack is a lot easier when the needle is placed in plain sight right on top.

This is a whole other type of search engine optimization, ranking the results based on the user’s profile rather than the content of the results. Personally I would like to see company profiles and jobs ranked on employee retention and reviews, growth and expansion, as well as other metrics that can help indicate the suitability of a candidate within that company based on their criteria. What would make the job/employee hunt easier for you or your business?