How Spirit Airlines Got A 100% Email Open Rate -
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How Spirit Airlines Got A 100% Email Open Rate

spirit airlines email open rate

How Spirit Airlines Got A 100% Email Open Rate

Obviously that headline is a bit misleading. Only Spirit Airlines knows the metrics on it, but I assure you it was a high open rate.

Spirit Airlines Subject Line: “We love 69”

I had to click.

I rarely fly Spirit (for various customer experience issues – a topic for another day), but when flipping through my emails and cleaning everything out, I saw that and couldn’t resist.

Part of me was hoping they were hacked or a disgruntled employee sent it. My mind was running wild on what could possibly be sent with that subject line…

Now to be clear, I agree with their general statement. But when your brands on the line, that’s a bold statement (unless it’s Virgin Airlines I suppose).

We’ve sent millions of emails and I can guarantee that is one of their highest email open rates of any they’ve ever sent. Lets face it, sex sells.

Did it increase their sales? Compared to other emails they send which I’ve never opened, probably.

But a very simple improvement that I don’t see enough businesses doing is personalizing their emails. Most businesses have name and email and it’s a very simple improvement to increase open rates and conversions.

Saying something like “We love 69, how about you Sam?” or “Sam, what can 69 do for you?”. I might have been freaked out, but guaranteed I’m opening it.

Now in all fairness, I doubt that email went to a 65 year old grandma who has previously flown with them. I’m sure it went to a segmented list of “20 something” frequent flyers (if that went to the entire list, Spirit Airlines we need to talk).

The power of email “list segmentation” and the ability to custom tailor emails to very specific customer types, is one of the most powerful (and profitable) forms of communication.

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