Yahoo Captures 1.6% of Search from Google -
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Yahoo Captures 1.6% of Search from Google

Yahoo vs Google

Yahoo Captures 1.6% of Search from Google

NEW REPORT: Yahoo Captures 1.6% of Search from Google

Yahoo begins to see significant gains following their recent deal with Firefox, which made Yahoo the browser’s default search engine. The recent publication of December data from comScore shows a 1.6% in search market share for Yahoo while Google’s share of searched dropped 1.6%. On the other hand, a company like Bing had its search market remain the same in its shares.

2014 Search Market Share Recap

In 2014, Google still held a commanding control of the search market share at 65.4%. Coming second with a very distant market share of 19.7% was Bing while Yahoo had its market share going up to 11.8% which was due to the company’s recent gains. However, Google holds an even greater lock on the mobile search game commanding about 84% in that expanding market.

In conclusion, it is not certain where the recent gains Yahoo is seeing in their search is coming from, but it is reasonable to conclude that the Firefox deal is what increased their market share.  This has been a huge turnaround for a company that had previously seen continued decline in their search market share.



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