Youtube Beware, Facebook Shows 94% Growth In Video Plays -
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Youtube Beware, Facebook Shows 94% Growth In Video Plays

Facebook Video Media

Youtube Beware, Facebook Shows 94% Growth In Video Plays

Facebook Turns Heads As They Dominate Growth In Video

Video views growing at an insane rate on Facebook are turning heads as they capture the eyeballs and attention of users across the globe.  The world’s leading social network in last year alone had a total growth in video views of 94% in the United States (75% across the whole world). The volume of videos that were published last year went up by a total of 360% which was higher than the year before that. An average of more than 1 billion video views was seen every single day due to this increase.

Think about that for a moment.

In the United States, half of the people who visit Facebook will watch at most one video while another 76% of users say that Facebook is their main source of spotting new videos.  Another thing to note is the fact that in October 2014, Facebook beat YouTube as the most desktop video views that were seen per month.

Facebook Video Strategy

Facebook gives more insight into video strategy for creators on their company blog here.

Facebook still reminds us that those videos that are shared also need to fit with the other content that tends to get shared in all the other news feeds so that viewers watch it and pass it on to the other viewers using Facebook. The company also tells us to remember that when one creates a video, it is going to be part of the news feed. As the creator of the video, you should always be conscious or take into consideration that people are going to be able to access your video in the news feed. You should make your video fit in and also while making it take into consideration the kind of audience you are making it for. The way you make your video will greatly influence whether or not your audience will want to watch it as well as share it with their friends.

Auto-play introduction in Facebook videos has represented a great challenge to content creators, therefore, Facebook highlights the importance of creating videos that will capture the attention of its audience at first glance.  To get a better view on what kinds of videos capture most of your audience, one needs to look at the video insights that are available so as to give them a clear picture of what is been watched the most and what isn’t getting the attention needed.

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